About Us

At Blazing Electronics, technical and operational excellence lays the foundation for quality, with
a focus on excellent customer service and customized solutions designed for providing cost
savings for our Customers.

Our Vision

We say, if you’re buying, buy smart. If you want to sell, trade smart. And if it’s broken or too old to use, recycle it. We’re committed to leaving a small footprint and building a reputation for service that is synonymous with honesty, inspiration, and friendly, next-door neighbor service.

Our Values

Our customers are the reason we’re in business, so we should treat them that way. We offer quality service at affordable prices, and we do it with the best customer service possible. We look for every opportunity where we can exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Goals

Everything we do is inspired by our mission, values, and vision. We handle your electronics responsibly with the goal of improving the environment by reducing electronic waste.

Hey! just relax we are here to protect you!


Our team

  • Joe L.

    Certified Technician

  • Chris S.

    Sales Representative

  • Josh M.


    I am here to provide you with best customer experience.