Why Sell Your Old Devices?

Why Sell Your Old Devices?

Want that latest iPhone? Is money a little tight? Not to worry! The device in your hand will help you in reaching your goal of getting your dream phone. Here are the major reasons why you should sell your old devices:

  • Your old phones usually have a very decent resale value. Selling them is usually a very good option in collecting money for a new phone. Hopefully from us @ www.blazingelectronics.com
  • Having an old phone collecting dust at home is of no use. Better yet to sell it at the earliest. Resale value drops as time goes on. Time is Money. Literally
  • It is a good ecological choice. By giving your phone to  a new user, you are keeping electronics away from the landfill.

We at Blazing Electronics offer you great prices for your device. Get paid via your choice of payment and get paid Blazing fast!

What to do before you sell, give away, or trade in your old Phone

  • Transfer information to your new device. Backup your information on your computer or Cloud and transfer it your new device.
  • Take out your Sim Card and transfer it to the new phone.
  • Remove your personal information from your old device
  • Remove your device from ICloud or Google account so it can be used by the next user
  • Perform the factory reset.

If your iPhone is broken and needs to be fixed, Blazing Electronics is here to make your device like new again. Our technician is certified and specializes in fixing wide range on iPhone issues including broken screen, water damage, broken charging port and much more. If your device is experiencing battery issues, we can replace your battery in no time. All repairs come with 90 day warranty. At Blazing Electronics, we know that you bought your phone not because it was the cheapest, but because it was the best. So why would you have it repaired at a shop that uses the cheapest parts?


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