Why You Should Buy a Used Phone Instead of a New One?

Why You Should Buy a Used Phone Instead of a New One?

The cost of living is increasing day by day. Technology doesn’t come at a cheap price. Every new phone that companies like Apple or Samsung launch, the price touches a new high. How long can individuals continue to bear these high prices. That’s where certified used phones come in.  

  • Certified used devices just function like the new one but the cost is far lower.  Money saved is money earned. Spending your hard-earned money on a used certified phone will leave you with lots of free cash which can be put towards other expenses or better yet, saved. 
  • Also, you get more storage for less. For instance, for every storage level upgrade Apple charger $100 however with used phones you can upgrade to a higher capacity at fraction of the cost.
  • By buying a used certified device, believe it or not, You Go Green. It is a small step towards reducing e-waste and thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Now you are wondering from where can I buy these amazing used certified phones from? Well look no further, you are at the right place. Buy a device from Blazing Electronics because:

  • Phones are fully inspected following a 30+ point inspection process
    • Devices are assured to be not reported lost/stolen or locked
    • Purchased Is backed by a 30 day warranty
    • Includes a high-quality charger
    • Get data transferred from one device to another, if required
    • Got a trade in? We can apply of the trade towards the next upgrade
    • We sell devices for all carriers including but not limited to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile

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