Hidden iPhone Hacks You Should Know About

Hidden iPhone Hacks You Should Know About

Hidden iPhone Hacks You Should Know About

There’s a good chance that there are hidden features on your iPhone you never knew about. Some of these features will make using your phone easier and more effective. Knowing some of these hacks will keep you up to date with each iOS release. In this article, we will explain three easy features for you to try!

Changing Your Default Web Browser

With iOS 14, you don’t have to stick to Safari as the default web browser. You can make Firefox, Google Chrome, or any other web browser you choose as the default browser. Even better, you can do the same thing with emails!

Captions Are Now Available to Photos

With the new update, you can now add keywords and captions to your photos and videos that you take. All you need to do is swipe up on a picture or video in your album and then you can add a caption. It will even save it to your iCloud Photos when you are done. Later, you can retrieve the photo by typing in the caption or keyword in the phone’s search window!

Replying to a Specific Message in a Group Chat

Gone are the days of confusion when responding to chats in a group message. Now, you can reply to a single message in a thread by tapping and holding the message you want to respond to. Just tap and hold the message, select “Reply” in the menu of options, then type your response. Now your reply has started a new thread in the group chat-and everyone will be on the same page.

These three features are easy enough for anyone to try out on their iPhone. With the new iOS update, there are even more hidden features to discover. For more hacks, read here. You’ll soon be using your phone more effectively!

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