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Certified Pre-Owned are phones that are traded in on new purchases. These devices have previously been used and are tested to ensure 100% functionality. They come with a USB cable and a wall charger.
Why pay more when you can buy a quality certified pre-owned device with a minimum 30 day quality guarantee to buy used Phone and used iPhone.

Clean IMEI
30+ Point Inspection
Charger included
30 day Warranty Card

Latest phones at amazing prices! Grab them before they get away.

Apple iPhone

iPhone 14

128GB — $650
256GB — $750
512GB — $900

iPhone 14 Plus

128GB — $750
256GB — $850
512GB — $1000

iPhone 14 Pro

128GB —    $850
256GB — $950
512GB — $1150

iPhone 14 Pro Max

128GB —  $950
256GB — $1050
512GB — $1250

iPhone 13 Mini

64GB —    $450
128GB — $550
256GB — $675

iPhone 13

64GB —    $550
128GB — $625
256GB — $800

iPhone 13 Pro

128GB —    $750
256GB — $850
512GB — $950
1 TB — $1100

iPhone 13 Pro Max

128GB —  $800
256GB — $900
512GB — $1000
1 TB — $1150

iPhone 12 Pro Max

128B —    $550
256GB — $650
512GB — $900

iPhone 12 Pro

128B —    $550
256GB — $600
512GB — $800

iPhone 12

64GB —    $375
128GB — $500
256GB — $600

iPhone 12 Mini

64GB —    $400
128GB — $475
256GB — $575

iPhone SE
(3rd Gen)
64GB —    $250
128GB — $350
256GB — $425
iPhone 11 Pro Max

64GB —    $425
256GB — $500
512GB — $500

iPhone 11 Pro

64GB —   $450
256GB —   $550
512GB —   $650

iPhone 11

64GB —   $275
128GB —   $400
256GB —   $500

iPhone XS Max

64GB —    $400
256GB — 450
512GB —  $550

iPhone XS

64GB —    $350
256GB — $400
512GB —  $500

iPhone XR

64GB —    $250
256GB — $350
512GB —  $450

iPhone X

64GB —   $300
256GB — $375

iPhone 8 Plus

64GB — $275
256GB — $350

iPhone 8

64GB — $199
256GB — $275

iPhone 7 Plus

32GB   —  $175
128GB — $200
256GB — $225

iPhone 7

32GB   — $150
128GB — $175
256GB — $200

iPhone 6s Plus

16GB —   $100
32GB —   $125
64GB —   $150
128GB — $175

iPhone 6s

16GB —   $80
32GB —   $90
64GB —   $100
128GB — $110

iPhone 6 Plus

16GB —    $90
64GB —   $95
128GB — $100

iPhone 6

16GB —    $70
64GB —  $75
128GB — $80

iPhone SE

16GB  —  $99
32GB —   $99
64GB —  $99

iPhone 5s

16GB   — $75
32GB — $85
64GB — $95

iPhone 5/5C

16GB —   $70

Android Phone

  • Galaxy Note 8 $250
  • Galaxy Note 9 $300
  • Galaxy Note 10 $350
  • Galaxy Note 10+ $425
  • Galaxy Note 20 $450
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra $550
  • LG G7 $200
  • LG G8 $250

Buy Used Phone

Glass for any Mobile Phone / Iphone/ Ipad

Looking for a new conditioned used phone under your budget?
Find the best certified pre-owned phones in Wichita! We ensure all devices are in fully working condition following a 30 point inspection on all devices.

Before sell to our genuine customers, we inspect the used phone with following issues:

  • Authenticate the IMEI Number
  • Check Activation Lock (to check it’s not blacklisted).
  • Check Phone Warranty.
  • Check for any Phone body Damage.
  • Ensure 100% Functionality.

We offer the attractive prices for our valuable customers to buy used phone depending on which phone model they are interested in.

How can you trust certified phones?

Certified phones are tested using 30-point inspection process to ensure full functionality.  Buy used phone from Blazing Electronics Store, Wichita with a minimum 30 day warranty.

Sell your old Phone to earn cash

You can sell your old phone to at to earn cash . Sell the old used phone is beneficial for both the seller and the buyer. The other hand the person who wish to buy used phone with a good conditioned and cheapest price, can have a number of choices as well.

Some of the conditions to sell your phone:

  • Ensure device is not locked to your iCloud account and Samsung accounts
  • Ensure all data is removed prior to selling to Blazing Electronics.
  • You can earn extra cash for accesories and chargers.

Buy an old phone is Smart idea

Smart Phone are extremely important blaze of everybody’s life. In a family all the family members have their own phones, and most of the phone meet with accidents in fast race of life. Thus each time buying a new phone makes a big hole in the pocket. In the Blazing electronics selling and buying store, we have a number of pre-owned certified phones with good conditions as brand new and 30 day warranty on all phones.

Benefits of buying old phone from Blazing Electronics:

  • Used phones are under budget for everyone and comes at a more low-cost prices.
  • Each phone has passed a 30+ point quality inspection.
  • Each phone has a clean IMEI (not reported lost/stolen) and are fully functional.
  • Our Pre-owned phone has 30 day warranty on all repairs.

Used iPhone

Back Cover or Phone Case for Mobile Phone / Iphone/ Ipad

Are used iPhones OK to Buy?

Used devices work the same as any brand new device purchased directly from the carrier or the brand.

– Tested 100% to ensure full functionality

– Cheaper to purchase ( as low as 50% of the new smartphone cost)

– They come with warranty  to ease any of your concerns,

Buying a used iPhone can be a good deal

We at Blazing Electronics Store have most certified devices available. We assured that the iPhone you buy from our store has no damage, fully functional and has a clean IMEI.  You can discover the best model, specification, conditions and as per your budget. We tend to offer different grading standards on the iPhones.

Things to remember when buying a iPhone:

  • Always make sure to buy an unlocked iPhone before paying for your phone, to handle any network.
  • Verify the IMEI or MEID (depending on carrier) number from iPhone Body and Software.
  • iPhone repair cost is very overpriced thus check its software, battery, speakers, buttons, hardware and other features to make sure everything is functional.
  • Check the water damage sensor to sure it never wet.
  • Check the Store capacity as per your usage, means you want to play games, music, install any apps, photos, videos… check the phone memory can handles all these or not. Some models with lowest cost price of iPhone comes with only 16GB memory space.

If you are thinking to buy your best used iPhone,  come and buy from like Blazing Electronics store.  We buy, sell and  and Repair iPhones. Relax before buying from our store we have 30+ days inspection and tested all the features of your iPhone.

Benefits of buying an  iPhone over other smartphones

Apple Branded iPhone are unique in their design and features, that makes everyone crazy to put an iPhone in your pocket. There are some of the benefits to buy an iPhone:

  • iPhone is user-friendly – iPhone are always user-friendly to handle them, this is the major concern to buy an iPhone. It’s easy to learn its features and operate it. No, doubt iPhone launches a new model every year. But its old model also has the same features with less some of features comparative to the new one. So, it’s not bad idea to buy the pre-owned iPhone.
  • iPhone has less chances to catch the virus – There is no risk for virus when you use iPhone. The iPhone uses a great iOS operating system, rather than other android phones and it not connect to other devices.  Its operating system runs in unique way and keep separate all the apps when they run on iPhone. It divide the virtual space for all the apps, and helps to stop spread the virus in from one app to another. This helps to spread the virus in the iPhone.
  • iPhone are fast then other android phones – iPhone is the only phone that is smooth and fast in working. It opens any application just within a single click. Operating quality of iPhone is outstanding. Thus its best choice to use iPhone, it not new then continue with old iPhone that also keeps the same features.
  • Always has the safe apps – The apps used by iPhone can only be download by iPhone store which are fully safe and verified to use by the end user. On another hand downloading any app on simple smartphone can make a trouble to the phone and have a big loss to the user.
  • Apple Pay a secure payment app – Apple pay has numerous challenges but still is a great choice to make payments for apple users. It is really simple to navigate with apple pay app.  It needs your finger print to pay to others, in this manner it is highly secure payment app to make online payments.

All these features makes the iPhone unique and secure to use. It’s also easy and simple to navigate apple iPhone. So, no worries if you don’t have enough money to buy a brand new iPhone, just come to Blazing Electronics Store where we have a plenty of certified iPhones. Choose the best that fits your needs and your pocket. We guarantee the iPhone  you buy from Blazing Electronics will work as expected.

How to be safe when buying used iPhone

Everybody knows that the maintenance of iPhone is also very costly, if there is minor problem in the iPhone. To keep this thing in mind, when trying to buy a used iPhone, there is need to check its some of the aspects.

  • Battery Health – iPhone has a feature in its settings to displays battery health. This feature is available on the iPhone 6 model and above models. The maximum battery health indicator is 100 percent. As per the usage of iPhone, it slows down the health of battery with decreasing the number of percentage. Thus when going to buy any used iPhone check its battery health and replace the battery when buying it if necessary.
  • Phone Screen – Remove the Glass if there is glass on iPhone screen and check if there is any crack or stretch on its touch screen. Move your fingers on the screen to check its working pad works smoothly or not.
  • Body to the iPhone – A Basic hardware check is must before buying the used iPhone for any cracks, dents or any accidental damages. Check its front or back camera with some clicks by the iPhone camera. Check its charging port by plugin charger. Use headphone to check its headphone jack is properly working or not. Check the Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth and GPS are working. It’s also important to check its calling quality and speakers by calling to someone from iPhone.
  • Verify its Accessories – If iPhone contains any accessories like Bluetooth, power adapter, lightning cable, ear pods with the cost of the iPhone included. Check all the accessories are working properly or not.

These are some of the essential steps to be safe when going to buy an old iPhone. You need to check all the aspects very cleverly to become a smart buyer. At Blaze Electronics Store we sell used iPhone with great deals and affordable price.

Help in Recycling old used Phones

Recycling of old phones leads to a honorable task to keep safe our environment. Cell phones and other devices accommodate a variety of lead, metals, copper, and plastics and all these all these metals are harmful for the environment. Revamp and Reuse of phones not only protect the valuable devices but also helps to protect the nature from these dangerous metals. There are many reasons to recycle the phones and other devices:

  • Help the Environment – Each year thousands of people change their phones and sell the old phones in the market. This way they help the environment as the cell phones contains harmful chemicals and copper, metal, plastic etc. If they will throw their phones on earth or water, it can demolish their natural power and beauty. Nature observes the toxins of the phones and lead to acidic rain that is harmful for animals and humans both.
  • Reduces Damaging Impact on Marine Life & Animals: Phones that finish their lifeline by throwing on land or on water can harm water marines and earth mammal. The toxic materials and chemicals used in phones like battery, lead can seep into the ground and pollute the nature and groundwater. The earth creatures and water marines disturbs their life with bad injuries by these hard bodied devices. If they eat the devices then also they end their life from the poisoning device.
  • Make Money – Selling the old phones as recycling purpose can make a good money from wasted devices.
  • Reuse the Phone Spare parts – By Recycling any old phone, its inner parts or other accessories can be used to repair any new damaged phone.
  • Recycling Phones Protects Natural Resources:  Recycling Phones protest natural resources and minimize the nature’s impact of mining industry and withdraw natural resources.