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iPhone common issues

You meet with an accident and it damages your iPhone? Feeling worried about your damaged or faulty iPhone? IPhone is not working properly or slow down? At little spare part makes it difficult to operate iPhone? Want to secure your iPhone? Repairing an IPhone from a low-budget unauthorized market sometimes can be too risky. Because of apple pricey brand, its repair also demands some unique tools and screws with a professional care. A little ignorance when repair can demolish its whole functionally and warranty.

We at Blazing Electronics Store offers many services to support and diagnosis your iPhone such as – Deep battery, Repair broken screens, Water damage, replace batteries, Broken buttons and fix other issues. We also fix weak signal or software failure issues. We are up to date with the latest technology and we are armed to solve all your problems. We guarantee that your Repaired iPhone will be new or correspondent to new in both working process and durability.

We charge nothing for iPhone Repair, if it’s purchased from Blazing Electronics Store and is covered under warranty card. If iPhone warranty is over, our charges are genuine depends on the type of repair. If there is minor problem in your iPhone, we can back to you with same day repair service.

What type of iPhone Repairs we cover:

  • Your iPhone is too old model?
  • Is it Accidental Damage Issue?
  • Lost your Apple ID or Password?
  • Is there Water Damage Issue?
  • iPhone Bluetooth Not Working

We always use premium and branded parts to repair manufacturing defects. When you get back your iPhone back from our Blazing Electronics Store, it might have totally new upgraded operating system.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Your iPhone battery won’t hold a charge?

iPhone Battery Replacement​If your iPhone always demand for charger when to use it, Replace the iPhone is not always a single solution to deep battery problems. Our technical experts test your iPhone to find the cause of your deep battery problems. If we find a minor issue then we fix it on hold. But if it recommends a new battery to replace the old one, the options are unexpectedly limited.

Replacing iPhone Battery costs certainly much cheaper and we assure that after your iPhone battery replacement, it will show good results on holding the charging.

Slow down the iPhone Processing Speed?

Sometimes you feel your iPhone processing is going slow down, don’t be panic…. It may be demeaned battery issue. To get back the Fast processing speed, we recommend to check your iPhone with our Professional Store operators, and replace the iPhone Battery if needed.

iPhone Overheating Problem?

Regular usage of iPhone makes it heating… there is nothing to worry as all smartphones produce heat while using regularly. But if you feel your IPhone produce too much heat as near to burn than it is a serious issue and immediately demands the iPhone repair expert attention. There are some condition in which phone product heat – Playing Regular Games, while charging your Smartphone or when trying to turn on your phone. May be its draining battery issue, or Capacitor problem. At the end we recommend for an expert advice to quickly solve the problem as it may be harmful for anybody’s life while using phone.

iPhone Screen Repair

Your iPhone battery won’t hold a charge?

IPhone Warranty card doesn’t offer accidental damaging issues such as Cracked Screen repairs. If you don’t bother about your iPhone cracked screen can be harmful for iPhone life. Would like an authorized screen damaging repair services? We at Blazing Electronics Store Wichita, KS offers the best Repair solutions for iPhone screen repairs. We only use premium parts to fix your iPhone and all repairs come with 90-day warranty.

IPhone display screens are typically designed to fit absolutely within the device. Replacing IPhone screen is an important issue. The IPhone screen prevents the loose of light means brightness of phone. It has help to increase the strength of Phone battery life. Additionally replacing screen repair is a typical task as it needs proper screws or cowlings as a single mistake can cause battery damaging, overheating, or result in injury.

iPhone Screen Repair​

How to protect iPhone Screens from crash

·       IPhone Back Cases are a protection cover for iPhone Screen. Always use the case that covers its sides also, not only backside.

·       Screen Protection Guards are thin, plastic overlays generally designed to protect the screen from scratches or dings and cracks.

iPhone Touch not responding

The iPhone Touch screen is not working well? It may be because of many issues, iPhone dropping again and again on the floor or hitting on iPhone screen by hard fingers.  Mainly it happens due to bad take care by the user.

  • Sparking the bars on screen.
  • Problem in Pick up the phone.
  • Not able to functioning the properties.

To solve the problem, always visit any authorized store to make sure you are in right hands. We at blaze electronics repair store guarantee to handle your touch screen care with professional hands.

iPhone Bluetooth Connectivity Problem

Most of iPhone users face the problem regarding Bluetooth including – iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X versions. In these model apple remove headphone jack thus some of the models face Bluetooth connectivity issue and cannot connect with air pods or Bluetooth devices. If you are facing the same issue and have not solution from internet, then give us a change by visiting our store, we are always happy to serve you the best services to solve your problems in seconds.

iPhone Speakers Problems?

  • Loud Speaker not working
  • Phone ringing problem due less sound while phone ringing
  • Hearing disturbance while trying to make or listen calls
  • Sound issue
  • Music voice problem while play video or audio music
  • Ring not listing during incoming calls
  • Vibrate phone while incoming calls but won’t ring

iPhone Spare Parts Replacement

Apple IPhone launches a model very year. Each new model comes with new design, new hardware, new spare parts and features. Having a too old model of iPhone sometimes makes difficult to find its spare parts and other accessories for an iPhone consumer. We at blaze store Wichita tries to carry all phone models tools, their spare parts and other jewels to safe your iPhone.

  • IPhone batteries are not obscure to access and also to replace them in the phone.
  • IPhone spare parts are pricey then other smartphones, but we avail them.
  • It’s quite impossible to disassemble the iPhone as it needs special tools and screws.
  • The repair to cracked iPhone screen demands more care as a single mistake can damage its motherboard, battery and other parts.

At Blaze electronics IPhone repair center Wichita we have the professional experts to tackle all your iPhone spare parts problems. We have the special iPhone diagnosing tools and screws to disassemble and reassemble your phone with a proper care.

iPhone iTunes 3194 error?

Apple launches new version of operating system time to time likewise other android phones. User must be aware to upgrade new version of software’s to have a better operating performance. Sometimes user face Error 3194 problem when apple software not connect with iTunes. Your iPhone tweaks “The iPhone could not restored. An unknown error occurred (3194).” Try to update and restore your phone, if it works Fine that’s good, otherwise we at blaze Electronics iPhone repair store Wichita are always happy to help you.

iPhone got lagging and freezing?

Feeling annoyed as your iPhone freezes or slop to restart again when switched off once. It may be because of many problems:

  • Slow processing speed. Upgrade the IOS and Apps to solve the issue.
  • Lack of storage – May be the storage space is less or full with applications. If there are too much apps, try to remove unwanted apps, extra videos and images from the gallery.
  • Stuck when trying to install or open the app – Try to stop the iphone process by stopping the app or uninstall if there is error in the iPhone.

While tried all above steps and still facing the same issue, don’t forget our professional’s recommendation.

iPhone No Signals issue

Your IPhone is facing with No or Minor signals while trying to operate it:

  • IPhone Indicating “No Signals”.
  • Facing the issue while trying to operate iPhone.
  • Problem while trying to make or receive, send messages
  • Not connecting the internet without WI-FI.

The problem may be due to software or carrier problem to solve it update your ios and carrier settings. The problem may be a little means when you trying to update your iPhone, it switch offs due to battery low.

The No Signals issue may be solved by reset the network settings to factory defaults. Else you fail to resolve your signals problems, our office workers are there to solve your problem in seconds.

Important Notifications before sending your iPhone for repair

If tired from your iPhone which is working slowly or not, there are some important steps to follow before sending your iPhone to a repair shop:

  • Have an apple watch connected with your iPhone that is going for repairs, unpaid them.
  • Turn off your personal massages from settings
  • Back up your phone data on apple server.
  • Remove your SIM card from phone and also protector back cover.

Now your phone is ready send for repair, at Blazing Electronics. To repair your iPhone we also want some important information about your iPhone:

  • For any software testing we need your Apple ID and Password.
  • Try to bring your iPhone purchase receipt to show the proof that it’s not stolen.
  • Submit any identity proof of the iPhone consumer, it may be driving license, password copy or any other government ID proof.

We at blaze iPhone repair center submit your phone, handover a repair slip to you with written your name, phone modal and other important notifications. We analyses your iPhone condition from starch and then suggest you the repair estimate time.

It will a convenient way to save both of us time.  Also help our professionals to understand your iPhone problem with brief to have quick, reliable and professional repair services.

How to Identify iPhone fake or Original when going to buy old iPhone

Feeling too much economic loose in repair of your old iPhone, thinking of buying any secondhand iPhone. There are many money making minds who can easily make you fool while going to choose any best pre-owned phones.  It is very important to know the iPhone is original or fake body makeup decoration.

IPhone is always costly to buy even if they are brand new or pre-owned instead of other smartphones. That’s why there are some important points to notice when thinking of buying a pre-owned iPhone.

For this process, before going to buy a used iPhone initially visit Apple official website to know the features, specification and other aspects about that particular model. Carefully read the hardware and software configurations.  An IPhone can be easily refurbish and cloned as brand new by wearing a new modeled body. The cheater can make it same like any other model of iPhone to get high amount in the market. Where no one can change its Specifications and configurations, like phone internal memory, its hardware and software configurations. Also some iPhone models comes in some specific colors.

IEMI number stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Each Smartphone has its Unique IEMI that is mentioned on Phone Setting and on hardware – below or above the phone battery. You must check the IEMI number to make sure its original or cloned iPhone.

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