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Blazing electronics repair service center in Wichita aims to provide convenience for regular mobile users. At Blazing Electronics phone repair store, you can sell, buy and repair phones, iPhone and iPad. Is your smart phone giving you trouble? The solution is Blazing

We will price match repair prices advertised by other repair stores in Wichita, KS

All Phone and Tablet Repair services come with 90 day warranty!

iPhone Repair Prices

ModelScreenBatteryCharging PortEar SpeakerLoud SpeakerFront CameraRear CameraHome ButtonPower Button
12 Pro Max$120$100
12 / 12 Pro & Mini$99$85
11 Pro Max$120$90
11 Pro$99$85
iPhone 11$79$80
iPhone XS Max$79$75.99$119.99
iPhone XS$69$70119.99
iPhone XR$79$70$99.99
iPhone X$69$70$99.99
iPhone 8 Plus$59.99$49.99$49.99$69.99$119.99$29.99
iPhone 8$59.99$49.99$49.99$69.99$99.99$29.99
iPhone 7Plus$59.99$50$39.99$59.99$114.99$29.99
iPhone 7$59.99$49.99$39.99$59.99$69.99$29.99
6S Plus$79.99$39.99$54.99$39.99$39.99$39.99$49.99$39.99$49.99
iPhone 6S$74.99$39.99$54.99$39.99$39.99$39.99$49.99$39.99$49.99
6 Plus$74.99$39.99$49.99$39.99$39.99$39.99$39.99$39.99$49.99
iPhone 6$64.99$39.99$49.99$39.99$39.99$39.99$39.99$39.99$49.99

iPad Repair Prices

ModelScreen Repair
iPad 2/3/499.99
iPad 5th Gen109.99
iPad 6th Gen119.99
iPad Air 1109.99
iPad Air 2175
iPad Mini 1/299.99
iPad Pro 9.7199.99
iPad Pro 10.5225

Android Repair Prices

ModelBatteryBack GlassScreen
S5 / Note 424.99NA
Note 8 / Note 959.9949.99
Note 10/Note 10+69.9959.99

Why to Choose Blazing Electronics to Repair your Cell Phone

The technology has introduced a number of electronic devices to lessen our processing time and get more with single click away. But the life of any device depends of its care and repair. Phones demands regular care as software updating, repair minor faults or damages etc.

  • Some minor problems just need wide range of skills to do by yourself without any special tools, where the others require the professional help
  • The solution from the internet can’t be helpful without efficient knowledge sometimes, it can double your stress if minor mistake.
  • To disassemble any hardware part and  assembling needs more care for proper connectivity.
  • Water damaged phone needs an expert technician to dry it well. Without drying out the phone properly if we turned on, it can harmful for its circuitry or motherboard.
  • Some of the phone users forget their security protocols or phone patterns and lock the phone by limited wrong attempts.
  • To repair broken glass of your phone it requires professional help
  • There are different solutions for your single problem when you search online to solve your problem solution by yourself. They can confuse you to choose the right answer of your question and a wrong step can damage your phone out worthy.
There are many reasons to go with Blazing Electronics repair. We are professional repair experts and 100% guarantee to repair your cell phone as it was working before. We use specialist tools and spare parts to diagnostic your mobile phone.
Make the use of technology with right way to make your phone more life more reliable and durable. Don’t go in wrong hands to demolish your cell phone life.  Your phone is precious for you and you are more precious for us, we do our best to happy our reliable customers.

We Do Any Kind of Cell Phone Repair

Cell Phone Repair Wichita

We at Blazing Electronics Store Wichita, KS buy, sell and we do all type of Android Phones Repair, iPhone Repair and iPad Repair. Blazing Electronic repair store is a blaze to the disappointed phone users for their cell phone life. Our phone repair services include front camera, back camera, speaker, volume button, touch screen, home button, power button, broken charging port, battery replacement, water damage, software problems and other issues.


Our cell phone repair services offers the below issues:

Have you any Charging Issues?

If your phone is not charging even when plugged in, the adapter or charging cord might not be the single issue. The charging port may often refuse to connect and this may lead slow charging or not. If you are facing charging issues, give our experts a chance to repair your cell phone charging issue.

Can’t Hear – Speaker Issues?

When calling someone annoying by inferior sound issues, or not listening others because of Speaker failure. Sometimes you feel trouble to listen someone when use free speakerphone or Bluetooth device. If your Android smartphone have audio issues it needs diagnostic tool to test the handset speakers. We at Blazing Electronics Store –  Wichita have the expert technicians to help you and offer you the best speaker failure issues.

Is your Phone Battery Draining?

The motive of a battery is to store energy and motive the phone at a desired time. In today’s busy life schedule everyone wants to use more and more time once charging the phone. If you find your device battery is regularly overheating or showing “Battery Low” Sign without using the phone, it may cause battery draining issues. “Batteries only have a certain lifespan, measured in charging cycles.”  Our Experts at Blazing Electronics Store can solve your problem.

Is your Phone Screen Cracked?

It is unfortunate when meet with any accident and crash your phone screen into thousand pieces. We at Blazing Electronics Store Wichita cares for your affection to your smartphone and handle all the repairs very carefully. We used Premium parts only to repair your cracked phone screen and make it smooth as your fingers can feel loved when to touched on Phone screen.

Water Damage Issues?

If you drop your phone in liquid (water) just dry with any cloth, remove the sim card, and don’t charge. Come to our Wichita Repair Store, and we will do the needful to remove water from your smartphone and replace parts as needed to get your phone working again.

Broken phone buttons?

Smartphones have only limited button as they are fully touch. But to POWER OFF and ON and for volume control there are buttons of the side of screen. If any of the button have been broken by mistake, it distracts the whole functioning. We can fix these button like before to work it same like new again.

Proximity Sensor Not Working?

The proximity sensor is a source to detect the difference of our skin and phone when we use it to listen the phone. It automatically disable the phone functioning when we put the phone near the ear and face to avoid unintentional problems. If your phone still operate other functions even you are on call come to our Blazing Store in Wichita. We will test and solve your issue.

Software issue for Mobile Phone?

Mobile phones working depends according to their Software. Cell phone software varies from model to model and company to company. We at Blazing Electronics can tackle any kind of your software related problems

Benefits of Cell Phone Repair

Oops! Your kid puts your phone down or it slips from your hands by mistake. It can be a big troubleshoot both to you and your cell phone. No worries Repairing the phone is the best option to operate it again same like before.

  • Environment – Its scientific true that the mobile phones leads to expand the circle of global warning problems. As it emit lead, heat and radiation. Reusing the again after cell phone repair can be a biggest contribution to support the global warning expenditure.
  • Cuts the cost – Repair the phone if minor issues and use again is a smart saving to your pocket, it never costs more to repair any single problem in your handset.
  • Reduce the stain to data loose – Cell phones carry the important document and contacts of our life. The major accidents with phone can destroy their phones and the chance to lose the data discomfort the user. Thus repair stores are the hope for end users.
  • Increase the phone lifeline – Repairing stores has become the lifeline for phones users. The phone consumer can use phone freely as they know there is always a solution for their phone problems if any issue occurs when using phone regularly.

Cell Phone Repair Industry a Big Relaxation for Phone Users

The cell phone repair industry is great relaxation point for cell phone users and offers customer convenience at any cost. Cell phone consumers use their phone without any worries as they know well if they have any inconvenience, we cell phone repair company in Wichita is always there to serve you the best repair services for any iPhone, smartphone or iPad repair.

Why the cell phone repair companies have great relationships with customers:

You never assume to lose your Private Information You accidently meet with an accident and crashed your phone or submerged in to the water. For the very first time you definitely think of buying a new phone. But the feeling of losing personal Information in your phone like important contacts, memorable photographs, necessary documents etc. stuck you for a pause. You surely want to repair your phone and backup it at any cost no matter what price will be for phone renovation. When your valuable data into your phone is going to die, it would be better option to repair it to save the important information rather than buying a new phone.

Cell phone repair is not so costly The phones are necessity of life and in that race its common issue to face any problem regarding phone like damaging the phones, draining the phone battery, failure the phone speakers, minor or no signals, port not working, cracked screen or stretches and some other problems. Reparing iPhones do not require a lot of money –  it’s simple to repair by just paying a small repair cost.

Brand new phones have a limited warranty Once you bought a box packed new smartphone, it comes only with a limited 1 year warranty or less on some of its manufacturing pats. For any damaging reason you can send it to service center but there are some accidental problems that the service center not covers to repair like screen crash or water damaging. At last the Blazing electronics phone repair service center Wichita is always there to serve our customers the best repair services.

We Care for Quality, Reliability, and Functionality while Repairing Phone

A Little repair can perfect your phone back to use in future with a minor repair cost. We at Blazing Electronics repair store in Wichita have the facility to repair any kind of smartphone for any company. The repair prices are different for different phone models and according to their different parts. Some of the minor phone issues can revamp in just a one day, where’s for the major faults the user have to be patience. As we have to arrange the parts for same model and then the repair process can be started.  You can compare our repair charges with our companies. For check our repair charges click on repair charges page where there are different changes for android phones, IPhone and IPad. All our repairs comes with 90 day warranty.

At our Wichita cell phone repair store we only use premium parts as phone carriers to make the phone more reliable and durable.

We provide Fast & Professional Services for Phone, Tablets and iWatch Repairs.

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