Going Green

It is easy being Green.

One of our main focus of Blazing Electronics is to help the environment and as you know recycling has become an important issue in today’s world, it is not only an economical issue but most importantly is a way of helping the environment.

Help the environment by recycling...

Hundreds of millions of cell phones are replaced each year, and several of those cell phones end up in landfills because people aren’t aware that electronics contain metals and other materials that can be hazardous to the environment if not disposed of properly. Through our company we not only offer customers more money for their cell phone or iPad, but we are also helping the environment by recycling these used phones. We are also starting an incentive in which we will provide $1 for every transaction we get to an environmental cause.

Before you drop off your cell phone for trade-in, selling or donation, please make sure of the following:

At Blazing Electronics, we specialize in buying and selling used cell phones and iPads from anyone nationwide.

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