Lagging Android Phone? How To Clear Up Space On Your Device

Lagging Android Phone? How To Clear Up Space On Your Device

Android phones are excellent choices for those who use lots of file space because many models offer additional storage. While the device has extra room for apps, videos, games, pictures, and other downloads, nothing is worse than getting an alert saying that you are almost out of space. Next thing, the phone will start lagging. To combat this issue, usually there are a couple quick ways to get the Android phone working pristine again!

Android phones already have a built-in tool that can clear up space! To do that, head over to Settings and tap “Storage.” The page will show how much space each app is using on the device. Somewhere on the page a button should say something along the lines of “Clean up” or “Free up Space.” Tapping on this button will instantly show suggestions to users what apps can be deleted off their phones to free up space.

Additionally, within the Android’s Storage menu contains the “Apps” page, where users can look at all the downloaded apps. From there, users can choose which apps to delete. “Clear cache” should be tried first. Clearing the cache deletes temporary files associated with apps. This is generally a safe thing to do. “Clear Storage” permanently deletes all data related to apps, so this should be tried second to clearing cache. 

Overall, the best way to get an Android phone working great again is to just delete apps that are not being used. It just wastes space and will ultimately cause the phone to lag-the more apps the more it will slow it down. 

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