3G Networks Are Set to Shut Down in 2022

3G Networks Are Set to Shut Down in 2022

3G networks are set to shut down by major cell phone carriers this year. This means that if you have a phone that uses the 3G network, your mobile device could be rendered useless. Major carriers are doing this to make room for more 5G networks because they are faster.

3G phones and older 4G phones will be unable to receive calls or texts and send them. This includes 911 calls. The FCC came out with a statement saying that when the networks are set to shut down depends on the carrier, and the dates can change even then. The best way to stay up to date with the information is to consult your carrier.

Here are the carriers with their plans to shut down their 3G networks below:

  • T-Mobile announced that it will shut down Sprint’s 3G CDMA networks by March 31, 2022, and Sprint’s 4G LTE network by June 30, 2022.
  • AT&T will shut down their 3G network by February 2022.
  • Verizon will finish shutting down their network by December 31, 2022.

Mobile phones won’t be the only devices that will be impacted by this decision either. Tablets, smart watches, automobiles, medical devices, and other products will be affected. 

To make sure you won’t be negatively impacted, you will either be required to do a software update, or you will have to upgrade to a newer device that supports the newer networks. 
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